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A city in Georgia right outside of Atlanta. The city hardly even existed 10 years ago and now there are tons of people living in it. The traffic gets worse every year and it has a mall, tons of restaurants, and almost every store you can think of. The people that live there awesome and most of them are nice although there are a few that aren't. The weather sucks, it can be hot one day and snow the next but that's normal for Georgia. Almost everyone that lives there says there going to leave someday, but most of them never do. It can get boring sometimes but overall its a great place to live and grow up.
Where are you from?

Douglasville, GA

How was it?

Awesome, I miss it.
by tylro February 06, 2010
Awesome city in Georgia that has terrible traffic but some really cool people. It has weird weather, where it can be 90 degrees with tornadoes one day and snow the next day. It is home to Coca Cola, Chickfila, Home Depot, UPS, and the worlds largest aquarium. It is the largest city in the south and the ninth largest in the USA with over 7 million people living in it. It has the second tallest building in the US and it has one of the most diverse populations in the US with almost every race from around the world living here. It has some awesome malls with two of them right across the street from each other and bars everywhere. Most of the people who live in the Atlanta area are nice, cool, hard working people although there are a few idiots. Its a great city to visit and an even greater one to live in.
Do you want to take a trip to Atlanta, i heard its alot of fun?
by tylro February 06, 2010

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