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The most famous Lara is from Dr. Zhivago in which she is a star-crossed lover who leaves her true love to marry another man.

We all know about Lara Croft, and Lara Flynn Boyle... along with the movie Dr. Zhivago, all which are very beautiful and sexy.

-Tiger in the room
-Will fight until she gets her way
-Emotional at times
-Very smart and intelligent when she puts her mind to it
-When there's booze and a friend around, she's ready to rock and party
-Likes rock music, other music embaresses her
-If you break her heart once, you'll never have a chance at anything with her again, and if she gives you a chance, don't expect her to be how she once was for a long time.
-Doesn't trust many.
-Has a certain style, but some days are lazy days.
lara, lover, beautiful, sexy, funny, partier, emotional
by tyler395 February 11, 2010
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