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a name for an elderly male who smokes copius amounts of marujuana
Guich is such a fucking stoner he gave me dome for some ganja
by tyler VONhill December 02, 2004
1)a young lady that loves to take it in the bung hole soooo much that she has lost the ability to boo boo.
2)one who is extremely book smart but is slow of wit, a kristin amramm
3)when drunk enjoys to make out with numerous ammounts of people, mainly females
I was at that party the other day and i walked into the bathroom and saw that kramram kristin betting butt fudged by pat and makin out with cathy, wut a schlut.
by tyler VONhill December 06, 2004
one who takes an unhealthy amount of steroids in order to pick up his male partner during sexual butt love. a josh brashler
i walked in on Keith and that roidmo smeagol doin it in my bath tub, i havent had a shower since then.
by tyler VONhill December 03, 2004
1)adjective for an overly gay redheaded male,
2) a Keith
3)prefers dog penis to a womans vagina
Dude, get the fuck off my dog you fuhtaguous son of a bitch
by tyler VONhill December 02, 2004
to smack one with ones penis
that slut ali krammer made me touch her smelly cunt so i schwacked her.
by tyler VONhill December 02, 2004
1)a white girl who is tired of the caucasion penis and has changed over to loving african penis i e (jungle fever)
2)one who has compation for the african american race, nig lover
my ex-girlfriend dumped me and then i found her with shahara farakahn, that affenigatious whore.
by tyler VONhill December 03, 2004
1) verb, to stick ones penis in ones ear
2) adjective, a derogatory remark about greeks and their love for earfucking
that asshole billy tried to dermime me, i agreed.
by tyler VONhill December 02, 2004

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