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215 definitions by tyler

the real mccoy thats all
real mccoy while listening to pink floyd
by tyler December 31, 2003
9 52
People who make millions and have sex with hot blondes
by Tyler June 30, 2003
45 101
People Who Blame Their Little Brother For Tryin The Game And Has Been Killed 47 Times
I_lick_dick:Ha Ha I Killed Some One By Glitch
ass_fucker: Dude Shut Up U Suckass
I_lick_dick: Ah Ah I Let My Little Brother On Always My Bitch And He Screwed Up....................
by Tyler July 21, 2004
18 81
mother fuck
well actually it is my friends 'word' so he made it up and he wants me 2 publish it! so call those mother fuckers ubers!!!!
That uber just stole my money and jawbreakers!!!!!!
by Tyler March 19, 2005
7 79
The movie me and my friends rented because we thought it was a porn but it was just a movie with a few titties in it.
that movie was dam dissapointing i only seen 1 boob justin ur a dumbass
by tyler August 29, 2004
66 152
Aka the Po-po. Yo, the popo took my extedo....i was so pissed yo...they getting gay now...but they do some good stuff....but not when they took my friend's weed and smoked it....
Did you see the po-po around here....can't even smoke without pissing yourself.
by Tyler February 13, 2004
22 116
When I feel a certain way about a girl
Me and a girl. Specifically one I am attracted to.
by Tyler March 10, 2004
9 110