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4 definitions by tychard

the state of being hungover, yet also slightly drunk at the same time. Usually occurs when large amounts of alcohol have been consumed and then not quite enough sleep has been had for the effects to have worn off, but the affected person still feels terrible.
Rich: "man, you look a bit rough, good night last night was it?"

Jake: "yeah, but i only got like 3 hours sleep, im totally drunkover this morning"
by tychard May 22, 2007
acronym for "Rocks My Socks Off"

taken from the Tenacious D song "Rock your socks" used to express a liking of something, usually a song.
Rich: "The new Linkin Park album RMSO"

Tom: "Really, I thought it was a bit boring really"
by tychard June 06, 2007
fine be that way see if i care
Steve: I love emo

Grant: emo is stupid

Steve: screw you, i don't have to listen to this i'm leaving

Grant: fbtwsiic
by tychard February 06, 2006
*fap* *fap* is an expression of love/like for a certain subject. It is meant to represent the sound a man makes when masturbating. Therefore when someone uses this phrase it implies they like something so much, they would masturbate and think about it
ohhh yes! the new series of Big Brother starts tonight *fap* *fap*
by tychard May 30, 2007