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A particularly demanding and often trendsetting member of a Gay Posse. The other members may acknowledge this person's status of leader within the group, or it may be used derisively behind their back.
Karen just got THE call from her Alpha Gay... I guess she'll be heading to his party now.

Caleb is clearly the Alpha Gay of that little group. He seems to decide what the current "IT" coktail is and he is typically the host of their parties.
by ty bachus August 10, 2007
Other Gay Posse... Typically when one straight person within a group has two separate sets of gay friends, they may refer to the set not present at the time as the O.G.P.
Noel told me the funniest story yesterday about someone from her O.G.P.
by ty bachus August 10, 2007
A group of gay friends who often interact socially with one another.
Colleen and Cassie are part of a book club, which has turned into more of a Gay Posse. They used to just sit around once a month and discuss literature, but now they all go to dinner, see movies, and take day trips together.
by ty bachus August 10, 2007
Gay Best Friend Forever... typically used by a straight person when referring to someone with whom they have a close simpatico. They click on several levels and have a lot of fun together, sharing of advice, etc. But there is no romantic interest. Can be used across and within genders.
After all the advice Ty's given one of his straight co-workers... Tom now refers to Ty as his G.B.F.F.

Diana says Michael is her G.B.F.F. at work, because they totally have the same taste in food and guys.
by ty bachus August 10, 2007

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