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A term of endearment used on children by Hillbillies.
You'r my boy, you little shit.
by txmx2005 February 28, 2006
A disparaging term used at a hispanic person, more so to those of Mexican heritage since beans are a food staple in Mexico.
That beaner better not think he can come to our neighborhood and date our women.

There's three of us and one him, we can beat that beaner's ass.
by txmx2005 February 28, 2006
Based on the beginning of the movie "Waiting To Exhale" where a woman damages a man's personal property by cutting up his clothes, splashing bleach on them or burning them, cutting up the funiture and mattress, up to include damaging or burning his car after finding out he cheated on her. A woman will also most likely damage items or clothes that she bought for him.
When she found out I was cheating on her she went home and did a "waiting to exhale."
by txmx2005 March 02, 2006
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