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Otherwise known as "No Child Left In The Behind". George W. Bush passed this law as a means to ensure that ass babies are born by means of mandatory c-sections.

As George W Bush was an ass baby, he has often acknowledged that he was one of the few who are successfully born without intervention. This was due to his father, George H. W. Bush having had much experience with rough gay sex, and having a texas-sized asshole. However, since Bush understands that this is not often the case with ass babies, he passed this law. On the passing of this law, Bush has commented "Every child has the right to life, should they be born from a vagina, or from a gay man's ass. If an anal c-section is what it takes to protect this right, then so be it. I think we Americans can all agree that we want no child left in the behind."

Many people are misinformed and think that the law has something to do with the pointless standardized tests now facing the American education system. This is all a government conspiracy designed to keep the public blind about the plight of the homosexual male population.
Jim: Hey Bob, what do you think about the No Child Left Behind law?

Bob: I think it's wrecking our school system. Kids could be learning about useful things instead of taking those pointless tests.

Jim: Huh? The No Child Left Behind law has nothing to do with education, it is supposed to ensure that ass babies are born successfully.

Bob: Well that's disgusting. Why the hell did you ask me?

Jim: I found out about my ass pregnancy today.

Bob: Well that sucks. My boyfriend has it too, I hope the c-section won't cause any permanent damage.
by tx_metalhed999 July 06, 2010

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