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3 definitions by tx

To do nothing at all, or at least nothing of productive use.
Bill was so hung over at work on monday, and the boss was out. He just sat at his desk and fucked the dog all day
by tx November 25, 2003
A (most likely mythical) African bum disease. Occasionally heard as part of the following joke:
Person A: Do you have skil?
Person B: Yeah!
Person A: LOL, you have an African bum disease.
by TX March 22, 2004
Sandrafication is the extreme desire to remove ones legs and change their name to Sandra. Derived from the great Sandra who once appeared on jerry springer to tell her marvellous journey on her leg removal process. Ingenious methods were used such as injecting his/her own faeces and constructing a modern day guillotine. Sandra is a true inspiration to man kind and hence the common phrase sandrafication.
Yo, you need some sandrafication bad bro
by Tx May 29, 2014