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1. more than alot.
2. a prefix for some words.
1. "he has like a schmillion pairs of those jeans"
2. "i wish i was schmillion-lingual"
by twotimesfour December 15, 2005
the letters a, e, i, o, u, and occationally y.
"omg. i <3 vowels. they make up words"
by twotimesfour June 18, 2005
a wonderful device that combines the usefulness of a fork and a knife into one. is a wonderful gift for a recent amputee.
i lost my arm in a tragic marching band accident! knorks saved my life because you can cut food with them using only one hand!
by twotimesfour August 29, 2005
one who has a mother who just can't pry her fingers off her baby.
"robert is so mommyrageous, he can't even go to the cinema without his mum!"
by twotimesfour August 17, 2005

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