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Anyone who is high on meth and attempting to project (by project i mean clean, organize, alphabetize, disassemble, attempt to reassemble, categorize or just plain destroy in an effort to understand how it works or make it better) on the nearest computer, cell phone, disorganized bedroom or closet, bicycle, car interior or exterior, bathroom, squack box (box filled with random crap said tweeker has picked up during his/her many useless hours spent high) or a garage.
Holy shit Martha did you see how squacked out that guy was? I think that was an old 8 track he had disassembled on his front lawn.
by two lips April 20, 2010
This is the act of widening out your asshole as to be able to drive a semi truck through that shit
Did you see grandma in the bathroom "hogging out her back hole?"

Holy shit Tina are you done "hogging out your back hole?"
by two lips April 18, 2010
A nasty filthy female who works in a spa selling her body for money and/or drugs. She is usually ugly and does not use any form of protection and therefore disease ridden.
Like OMG did you see that spa chicken coming out of the Oriental Spa?

Holy shit that is the fattest spa chicken I have ever seen! She must of been about treehundred and fity pounds.
by two lips April 18, 2010
Someone who is high on Methamphetamine and out in public twitching, moving excessively, plotting on stealing your car, digging through the Goodwill dumpster, riding a bike, chewing their face off, trying to steal your mail, talking to much while chain smoking and flailing or scratching at their invisible bugs.
Dear bleeding Jesus did you see that spegacker on the bike, i think he was going to chew his tongue off.
by two lips April 19, 2010
Any box that is under tweaker ownership and is filled with a variety of useless shit or stolen goods. These items are usually thought of as most valued possessions by the tweaker and to the rest of the world it is mostly stupid shit. These items may be traded, stolen, sold or projected on at any time.
Did you see my squack box? I took a hit, flailed off, stashed it somewhere and now I can't find it?
by two lips April 20, 2010
Someone who is just barely able to function in society. This person usually forgets things, leaves things behind, loses things, often misplaces his/her children, runs into stationary objects, forgets where the car is parked, can't follow directions worth a shit, finds books without pictures to be too much work, uses the words "um", "totally" and "like" to excess, cries to get out of trouble and has that rare talent of being able to burn water.
Guy #1" Jesus Christ she is a ding biscut!

Guy #2: I know but she sucks a mean cock and she is smokin' hot so I can't get rid of her.
by two lips April 20, 2010
Missionary Butt Fuck
Sarah: Oh my G I hurt so bad.

Jessica: Why's that?

Sarah: Well I let Steve missionary butt fuck me (MBF) and now I am afraid I will have to steal some of my grandma's diapers so I don't shit my pants.
by two lips May 18, 2010

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