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alright I'm sorry to anyone that believe everything you hear first of all if you think in any sorta way that us juggalos in the united states are gang related. lets put it this way 15% of the soldiers fighting over seas are are juggalos. we are the ones protecting you from getting a nuke dropped on your house and killing you and your family and any close relatives.
we don't deal/settle well with racism, sexism, and just simply bigotry all together. we are the lower class of humans ya we are scrubs for crying out loud we are the homeless but, genius ones out there. we are the next generation. and the world does come to an end if it does we will be there for those down with the clown, juggalo and juggalette appreciation/respect. so yes we are a family we help those who ask help of us, and are also willing to help us.
juggaloism is also a religion we stand freedom respect everything the church ask of them. like our believes is anti- racism, sexism, etc. and we have our way of showing it and that would be our hatchet charms. we wear them out of respect to get into the afterlife feeling of shangri-la or hells pit(heaven or hell).
read and find out what a juggalo is!!!!!!
by twiztid pyrate November 02, 2009

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