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2 definitions by twistedtimmy

The mostly emotional but sometimes confused rational perception one feels after driving a vehicle many hours without sleep which makes one hopelessly feel as though the earth is moving toward and under the vehicle but that the vehicle is not moving of its own accord toward the desired destination.
You feel as though the horizon is moving toward you as the planet turns opposite the direction you are logically traveling, but, at the same time, you are not going anywhere toward your destination. Never mind that the planet does not always have the same velocity of your vehicle--and you know it--then you may have had or are having the perception of psychosomaticantidestination.
by twistedtimmy November 14, 2010
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The behavioral condition of having one Kawasaki motorcycle, yet desirous of ever increasing numbers of additional motorcycles from Kawasaki.
You own two or three Kawasaki's already. You are at the dealer showroom. Just looking, you say. You have Kawasaki's disease--especially if you purchase another one regardless of your wife.
by twistedtimmy October 18, 2010
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