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A place where everyone sucks at life.
Full of sluts, and jackasses only looking for sluts.
A redneck town trying to be city.
Full of crazy farm girls and wild turkeys in apartment parking lots.
A place where everyone knows your name, and who you've slept with.
A shit hole breeding ground for scum bag losers.
All on the backdrop of a gorgeous Great Lake, PH has great potential but needs to vomit out the bullshit first!

And who can forget the wonderful Blue Water Bridges??? With a beautiful view of Canada's factory's

In the summertime, mixed in with the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass and cat piss!

Ah...home sweet home....
Bob - "So what do you think hell is like?"

Phil - "Have you ever been to Port Huron?"

Bob - "That bad huh?"

Phil - "No, Port Huron is worse"
by twistedpeaches December 06, 2007

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