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a delicious alcoholic drink consisting of vodka, cranberry juice, 7Up. YUM. concocted by Sarah the princess
make me a PINK TWINK and let's watch the office!

This pink twink has too much orange juice!
by twinklover January 23, 2010
the preoccupation and feeling of anxiousness and not being able to sleep knowing that a new Groupon will be released after 1am.

Must be remedied ASAP by checking groupon.com

The result of an addiction to groupons, which can't be escaped, even on a vacation to costa rica
(After having sex, 1:30 am) Girl: Come here! Let's go to sleep!

Guy: Hold on! I have to to check to see what today's groupon is, I was thinking about it the entire time I was fucking you

Girl: Ugh! Groupon anxiety again?! I'm gonna yell.
by twinklover April 26, 2010

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