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A person who takes hard drugs and is skiiny and pale.
Often seen riding at night on stolen girls mountain bikes or trying to sell items of stolen equipment to feed there habbit.
"Get out my shed, you robbing smack rat".

"Oy smack rat, put it back its not yours".

"How much for that flymo ya smack rat".
by twinkle k March 21, 2009
Something that is largley bias towards the female breasts.

Can also discribe someones poor behaviour when acting like a prat.
Do you like this music vid Gemma?
Yes I do Adam, its rather tittish, Boom!

"Ah man, James is very drunk tonight and its acting totaly tittish"
by twinkle k May 22, 2009
The use of graffiti to deface an object with pictures of penises. usually multiple pictures of various shapes and sizes.
"Ah bladdy hell, who dicktised my locker?"

"wow look at the size of that one"
by twinkle k March 14, 2009

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