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1 definition by tweezyy or god. perhaps jebus?

As many people has adapted to FML, fuck my life. The trend has caused the FML sensation to be abused and used in unnecessary events. Thus replacing FML with FTS. FTS means Fuck The Situation. It's a smaller and lighter tone of FML. People who typically say FML about everything should use FTS. The world isn't over because you scuffed your precious shoes or because you have 4/5 blocks of battery life left on your sidekick. Get over it. FTSFTW!
Idiot - F*$# ! I left my gum at home! FML!
Smart Idiot - Correction. FTS..
Idiot - What?
Smart Idiot - Fuck The Situation. Only because your life isn't over because you simply forgot your gum at home. Go buy another 30cent pack of gum. Kids in Sudan would literally die for it. Whose got it worse?
Idiot - Wow, FTS..
by tweezyy or god. perhaps jebus? March 14, 2010