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Atlantic Canadian Slang; pronounced 'Wahrlin'
Verb; Adverb; Adjective
Waarlin' is to Waarl

Can be used in place of any verb, adverb or adjective when wanting to provide emphasis to an action or description;

Often used in place of profanity to provide impact to a statement without sounding crude.

Most commonly used in place of the word "Fuck" and in much the same way.
Verb: I was with this girl for the first time and she asked my to Waarl all over her face; After I was done Waarlin' her in the ass my swollen member was raw as sushi; That car is waarlin' dude!

Adverb: I was running so waarlin' fast when I saw the cops that I shit my pants; Can also be used together in a sentence i.e: I was waarlin' this chick so waarlin' hard in her ass that when I came she waarled all over my balls.

Adjective: That girl is so waarlin' hot that I would love to waarl all over her face.
by tweegle February 10, 2010

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