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Pants that make you look like you could be related to Elton John. These include skinny jeans, leather pants, or if even skinny, leather pants. They tend to have too much design just to make the wearer stand in attention.
Phillie: OMGawddd I just got these new Ed Hardy skinny jeans at the store the otha day and they are just delightful!!1 I really went out of my way to get these. I really like'um.
Mark: Cool story bro, so you got Elton Jeans...
#elton #jeans #john #ed hardy #affliction #skinny jeans #expensive #attention whores
by twanx1234 December 28, 2010
A clothing accessory that serves no function. These include wristbands, necklaces, as opposed to wristwatches and sweat bands.
Pirate: Them white beads on yer orange neck is an unnecessary accessory mate.
Guido: Damn dood these are mah good luck charms.
#useless wristbands #necklaces #unnecessary accessory #guidos #metrosexuals
by twanx1234 April 24, 2010
To fortuitously have a conversation with someone on someone else's facebook status.
Jake Kuster thinks people that drive cars are contributing to Global Warming.
>Neil Baro Who the hell capitalizes global warming when it's not even real?
>Lance Kenan Hey Neil what are you doing tonight man
>Neil Baro Nm I don't really have plans
>Lance Kenan You wanna go see Kick Ass, it's already made the top 250 on IMDB
>Neil Baro Yeah sounds awesome give me a call when you go
>Jake Kuster I just got status annexed
#facebook #status #update #take over #conversation #steal
by twanx1234 May 06, 2010
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