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"Saranghae" is Korean for "I love you". Saranghaeyo!
Person 2: ...Saranghae!! <3
Person 2: Aww, I love you too.
by tvxq fan September 08, 2005
BoA Jjang means BoA is the best. "Jjang" is "best" in Korean.
BoAjjang is an awsome site dedicated to the Korean singer BoA. It's always updated and bringing you the best of BoA! They also have a forum which is also awsome.
BoAjjang is definitely the number one place for BoA fans.
by tvxq fan September 10, 2005
HQ = High Quality. Mostly used to describe pictures or music videos, performances, ect.
Wow! that music vid's so HQ! Thanks! =]
by tvxq fan September 21, 2005
Charmy is the nickname for Rika Ishikawa, a former member of J-pop girl group, Morning Musume.
Her other nickname is "Rikacchi".
Charmy is so cute! I love Rika!!
by tvxq fan September 10, 2005
Manwha is what Korean manga is called. Also can be spelled "Manhwa". It's the same thing.
Some manwha titles:
Ragnorok, Chocolate, Soul to Seoul, Snow Drop, Goong.
by tvxq fan September 08, 2005
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