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Originates from seafarers: Back off, move far enough away you're no longer a bother. Go on, out of my way, or face. Leave now before we both regret it. Usually, a bit of danger is implied; slight provocation or minor threat.

Still used by those whose cultures &/or peoples having some sort of seafaring ties back in their heritage.
Maggie: How was your date?

Molly: Oh, sling your hook Maggie.

Maggie: Or what?

Molly: Not a day to press your luck.
#back off #move #last warning #leave #get away from me. go on.
by tvbaybe April 14, 2010
When a man , especially when he's with his female, turns his back on another male to show he is not in the least intimidated.

Like the silver backed gorilla - The Alpha male may mate with all the Alpha females & has first pick of food. When a guy shows his superiority over another male by daring to turn his back towards the other.
Stella: "Did you see Brian silver back that crazy, huge German last night? I thought I was going to have a heart-attack."

Harry: "It's a man thing - that guy was really askin' for it." "Don't underestimate Brian, he's not afraid of shit, anywhere. He's a sleeper in strength, lighting fast, & he's got endurance." "Notice that idiot calmed down after Brian silver backed him?"

Stella: "Yeah he did. I guess you're right."
#superiority #not intimidated #alpha #alpha male #gorilla #silverbacked.
by tvbaybe February 16, 2010
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