2 definitions by tuscalusa

a lazy person who goes to college and picks the easiest major (criminal justice) where they don't learn anything about the us constitution. these people don't know what the bill of rights is and stomp all over it when enforcing unconstitutional laws passed by legislatures just trying to collect more tax from the populus. police are ignorant to how brainwashed they are by their training and are ignorant to the fact that they are just henchmen for the lawmakers. they believe that they're doing a service to society when busting a couple kids for underage drinking or casual drug use. this is a side effect of their being brainwashed which makes them think that people aren't be able to decide for themselves what's good for them.
the police were unconsitutional... again.
by tuscalusa August 23, 2007
the act of complaining nonstop about everything your roommates do, regardless of how mundaine
mike was helmricking about adam's mess all day
by tuscalusa August 22, 2007

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