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A weak pokémon that you never use but you keep it in your party because it can learn HMs that you don't want your good pokémon to know because generally, HM moves suck.

Examples of good pokémon bitches: Ratata, Bidoof, Nincada etc.
Pretty much either normal or shit grass types you can find in the beginning of each game.
All my Pokémon are level 70!....except for my lvl 15 Ratata. The only thing it's good for is bein my HM Bitch. Now if only it could swim and have wings....
by turtlesquire February 14, 2009
The northeast region of the North American Federation of Temple Youth.
Absolutely amazing and way way way better than bbyo, Jewnited, and USY combined.

Turtle is awesome.
Jew #1: Dude come to this fun dance at BBYO.

Jew #2: No can do Brosef, I got to go to summer institute to hang with the coolest people ever in the NFTY-NE region.

Jew #1: But I'll get you a grind

Jew #2: Naw, I get plenty of ass at Eisner. Plus I get to see Turtle who is soo cooool.
by turtlesquire February 11, 2009

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