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1. A social area in the basement of Williams Hall at U-W Rock County where nerdy or geeky type people go to hang out together.

2. A fucked up place where homework does not get done.

3. A place where everything you say can becomes a sexual innuendo.

4. Where boobs are sacred and PIE IS EATEN!!!!!
1. "I'm going to go hang out at the pit after class"

2. "I would have done my homework but I went to the pit instead."

3. "In-YOUR-indo."

by turtlemanlover45 April 19, 2011
a sexual position in which all participants must find someone named charlie, and insert a penis or dildo into one or more orifices while playing twister in the pit.
last night I found a new friend while performing a pleasant charlie.
by turtlemanlover45 April 19, 2011

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