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3 definitions by turdmonster16

a huge turd accidentally left unflushed in the background of a myspace picture
"Dang sista, there was a klase in LaFonda's myspace pic!"
by turdmonster16 March 13, 2009
The dangerous combination of a twat, a waffle iron, and a 19th century civil war cannon - hence, a twat waffle cannon.
"I heard Mr. Pecker was mortally wounded by a twat waffle cannon."
by turdmonster16 March 13, 2009
1. Something you yell in place of a cuss word.
2. a rare species of humpback whale
3. small children whose mother's name is Debbie
Todd: Did you see that new girl today?
Scott: No, but I heard she is a real necker meister meister necker.
by turdmonster16 March 13, 2009