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someone who is just not cut out for life in normal society. you know, someone who left his head on the back of the toilet!
Bob "Unabobber" Kazinski
a.k.a. doucheBob
a.k.a. the castaway
a.k.a. ballbag
Damn, Bob is such a freakin' unabobber!!!
by turd furgussen January 10, 2004
a complete idiot. a castaway. a doucheBob.
Damn! Why are you such a ballbag!!!
by turd furgussen January 10, 2004
also known as a unabobber or doucheBob.
someone who just can't function at all!
Look at doucheBob! What a freakin' castaway!!!
by turd furgussen January 10, 2004
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