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Handicap I'd Like to Fuck
"Check out the HILF in the wheelchair. She'd Hot!"
by Turd Furgeson February 11, 2005
something so extravagent and wonderful there is no other word to describe it!!!
The sunset was scrumtrulecent.
by Turd Furgeson October 24, 2003
the program sent from hell. allows for conversation containing that which one may never say in real life, thus creating the fakest of fake relationships. Also is the source of savvy language so lame it is sad. (e.g. gtg my bff, jk but brb, i gtg rotf cuz lol im lmao now ttyl ttfn.)
aim can suck on it, long and hard
by Turd Furgeson October 09, 2003
The biggest booty boot on the planet who trolls MARSOC websites thinking he's gonna be Ricky Recon and inpregnate every woman on the planet. But He's a boot, so this is scientifically impossible.
#naffy #naff #naffziger #ricky recon #marsoc #boot
by TURD FURGESON January 15, 2013
A soar that one get from ingesting tomatos through the lower GI system.
My bumkanker bursted while I was jumping over hurtles causing me to slip.
by Turd Furgeson September 26, 2003
when a male/female spreads chettoes all over there partners pelvic region and then suck them dry
1.fred loves yummy cheetoes
2.i got some sweeet yummy chettoes last night from cyndy
by turd furgeson March 29, 2004
when a penis is lodged in a ass hole while the other person is takin a dump.
1.he gave me a TURD FUGESON.
2.TURD FEGOSON is my favorite sex move
by turd furgeson March 29, 2004
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