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1 definition by tunacan31169

a very eclectic, but joyous being. Often seen hanging around water fountains and park structures.

Originally discovered in Cuba, this creature stowed away on a banana shipment, and flourished in New York, before migrating to Chicago.

When cornered , this species will dance, and will spew denial letters forth in attempt to confuse would be aggressors.

Is often seen at water hole aka The Lighthose, drinking the local liquids.

Mating call sounds quite a bit like random Cure songs, and the occasional NIIIIICCCEEEEE! can be heard while species is vocalizing.

Creature prefers Drunk Sandwiches, and on rare occasions will fall against refridgerator, causing brusing to optic area.

Proceed w/ caution.
by tunacan31169 February 04, 2010