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1 definition by tuna2692

Laying siege is the ancient art of the gang bang, but much more brutal and satisfying. Sports Illustrated has described it is "the ultimate team bonding experience for a team or a group of bros". The act of laying siege involves 5 guys participating in sexual intercourse with a woman at the same time, with one dick in the mouth, one in the anus, one in the vagina, and 2 of them receiving hand jobs, constantly switching roles every 15 minutes or so. The term "laying siege" is derived from the military strategy, in which an opposing army blocks off a town or city from all ability to travel, trade, or receive supplies, just as how the lucky lady is unable to move (or sometimes breathe) during the intercourse. After several days, laying siege is officially concluded with a group facial. First recorded activity of laying siege have been dated back to the Ice Age in which they were forced to reproduce and share body heat at the same time. Foreplay is an ancient ritual and is often encouraged.
Brian: Dude, I can't wait to lay siege on this bitch!

Steven: Yeah, man! I bought us all top hats, bow ties and canes so we can do a musical number naked as foreplay before we completely wreck her!

Brian: Yes!! I call asshole!!
by tuna2692 November 04, 2011