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5 definitions by tuna beak

Slang term for the female genitalia.
get your tuna beak out for the lads
by tuna beak September 25, 2006
Short for paraletic
Jesus christ i was letic last night.
by tuna beak September 27, 2006
A cigarette or a mate.

local to south wales.
Have you got a bryn i can blag?

Hows it goin bryn?
by tuna beak September 27, 2006
A monmouth term for a ciggarette, also Kregger, Kreggy.
Can i blag a toke on the end of your Kreg?

It's Kreggy time!
by tuna beak September 27, 2006
Dropping all of a nearly rolled spliff except for the rizla.
You have just returned from work and prepared a hard earned spliff. You've picked it up from the table. you've rolled it nearly all the way up when boomshanka! It's a SLAM DUNK!!! The contents are all over your lap and you are left hanging onto a rizla looking down at what you've just done.
by tuna beak December 19, 2006