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Christian American Princess.

Bitchy, selfish, spoiled and snobby. But nice and funny to the people she actually likes. Raised in a rich household a mother striving to achieve having a "CAP daughter".

C.A.P.s enjoy shopping in designer stores and have numerous clothing items of- Louis Vuitton, Coach, Burberry, Chanel, Armani, Juicy, Lafayette, and more.

C.A.P.s are usually amazingly beautiful, with natural beauty. also enjoy flat ironing their hair, if it is naturally straight or curly- they flat iron it either way.

C.A.P.s they love having boyfriends, and are great girlfriends, unless they don't like the guy.

C.A.P.s usually have a few designated sports they enjoy playing. But also, if they dislike their team. They try to be the worst play on the team to annoy them until put onto a team they like.
"She is such a C.A.P !"

"C.A.P.s are perfect."
by tumblrismylifeguuys January 19, 2013

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