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5 definitions by tully

A city in western New York that has nothing going for it at all.....a large city that is literally hemorraging it's citizens to other cities or the outer suburbs at the minimum.......even most of the airlines are abandoning their mainline flights to Rochester and replacing them with their little "jungle jet" feederliners!
John: Damn, this downtown area and the city in general is as deader as a doorknob!

Dave: Yeah, look around......nothing to do at all since The Mill shut down 27 years ago and all these beggars begging for money!!!
by Tully March 07, 2005
A rich and meaty girl who is Italian
Wow...you are so ragu I want to lick you!
by Tully October 29, 2004
The poor souls at Disney who are forced to take crap from nasty and abusive "guests" and have to weather being asked "Excuse me, do you work here?", and for what.........A measly $6.50 an hour!
As a former cast member I feel bad for y'all!
by Tully October 29, 2004
One who immensely enjoys the spoils of fellating a male.
You're such a fucking cum gurgler Matt.

Whoa dude, check out the milf, I bet she's a cum gurgler from way back.
by tully July 14, 2004
A horse penis that somechick thinks is slang for whats up man.
Dude, come here, I gotta show you something dude.
Don't call me a horse penis biatch.
by tully July 29, 2004