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28 definitions by tuffpuff

the truth
you hear about bobby getting beaten up last. His mother told me what happened; so it is definitely tabernacle
by tuffpuff March 27, 2010
34 14
no constructive conversation between black people
look at that crew over there they've nigger talking all day
by tuffpuff July 04, 2010
28 12
smoking cracking cocaine
the boy was up in a puff palace for 5 days doing some serious puffing
by tuffpuff August 13, 2005
14 12
the way of of a feminine male homosexual
he has a severe case of faggotitis
by tuffpuff December 10, 2004
13 12
searching for the next crack cocaine high
don't donna look bad, she looks like she's been chasing a genie for the last 2 weeks at least
by tuffpuff January 03, 2012
0 0
paranoid, characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania, extremely fearful
looked at tanya, she's been up all night for 5 days & now she's spooked for real
by tuffpuff November 16, 2011
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to have sex with a woman
doesn't she look some sort of sexy, i would like to raise her spurs
by tuffpuff February 03, 2010
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