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A mass gathering of like minded individuals all seeking to be in that ONE FAMILY from around 10pm til 6am usually taking place on weekends, unless of course a bank holiday springs up.

Ages range from teenagers to oap's and some inbetween but not many.

They seek loud music in the forms of drum and bass, happy hardcore, bassline etc etc

They will all say when questioned they have come to see a particular artist (Dj or Mc) but most of them will not remember this individuals set as they would of been too busy busting shapes, merking, silly skanking or just getting totally spandangled.

Not many ravers are satisfied until they have heard the last one and they are all dancing like spazza's at the end.

Even then it still prooves difficult to remove them from the dancefloor. As when the music is stopped they can still hear the repetitive beats playing in there brains.
by tubsy's keyboard December 30, 2009
A damp dark hovel hole under ground somewhere, no one exactly knows where. Tubsy's Basement is completely cut off from the outside world apart from the wonders of the internet! Has limited furnishings basically a mattress and a bucket and of course a pc.
by Tubsy's Keyboard November 04, 2009
Dancing excessively for hours to repetative drum and bass results in the person at the end of the night dancing like a spazza.

Once all ravers at the venue are dancing like a spazza's they know its time to go home and dance in the privacy of their own livingrooms
by Tubsy's keyboard December 30, 2009

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