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Son of Smi Skywalker, husband to Padme Amidala, father of Luke. An extremely powerful Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord, he helped spread terror and chaos throughout the galaxy. Also known as Anakin Skywalker.
Luke... I am your father...
by tt March 04, 2003
A pus that is absolutely, positively, DISEASE FREE; clean enough to eat, and naturally delicious.
I just had a sniff, and it's lickie-puss tonight.
by TT January 03, 2004
the good side of cougar. A hot divorced woman, over 30, that is also as sweet as pie. Not only is she a turn on physically, but you also enjoy spending time with her.
"My weekend couldn't have been better - I spent 5 days with a smokin hot BZ Jet."
by tt August 07, 2009
Eat My Fucking Ass
What? You don't like what I'm saying? EMFA!
by TT February 26, 2003
We all hate that fuckin slag saggers
SAGGERS! Ho ha ha!
by TT March 27, 2004
A mean spirited man with a penis that would rival any other fellow canadian
I got raped last week by proxosos :\ now i have a 5 foot wide asshole
by tt February 22, 2003
A severe thrashing derived from the skull dragging of one's ass in car racing.
That car won't even be competition, I will put the whoop shit on him.
by TT October 14, 2003

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