1 definition by tryin too hard

1)something you cook food on (burgers,hot dogs,ribs,ect.)

2)song by Nelly (rapper)

3)song by wanna be rappers like paul wall and others, also starting a trend that has consumed millions of white (wigger) kids as well as many other people trying to be "gangsta".the worst of these is the grillz sold at the sawgrass mall in south florida,made of a gold plated tin mounted on wax that has formed to your teeth.letting someone else try it on,or any deopping of this cheep grill causes permanant damage and you just wasted $80 on a peice of shit.
ice t-yo hommie,nice grillz
lil q-my wut
ice t-yu grill,lemme c it
lil q-okkk
he hands it over
ice t-you dropped it you fuckin *^&%%&$#@#%^&
by tryin too hard May 17, 2007

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