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The heart of a caring/warm person. He takes care of the people he cares about, especially when they're in pain or in need of a friend. He will risk his own health for other people. He doesn't care what anyone says to him, he only cares what he thinks of himself. He is a very loving person. Airton is someone you'd want to talk to for hours on end, maybe not even talk, you'd just listen.
Person 1: Pfft, look it's Airton!
Person 2: Don't be mean, he's twice the man you are!
by TruthTalkers December 13, 2013
The name given to a highly-prestigious, by-invitation-only club - The Mickle Club - which is an organization of select individuals dedicated to spending all of their time and energy admiring and praising all that is great about this world
Hey guys, you might not believe this, but I finally made it into the Mickle Club!
by truthtalkers July 17, 2011

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