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bad to the bone, the ultimate bad boy. he is stubborn and always looking for a challenge. torn between two worlds he is always ready for a fight and usually is looking for one. quiet and observant looking and thinking about the ways of the world. hard on the outside. inside he is still rough around the edges but looking for something to devote his heart to. very loyal and protective. high sense of honor. always looking for a fellow fighter to join the cause. a natural born father. prepared to fight to the bitter end protecting all he loves.
A biker holding a gun to someone and rocking a puppy to sleep at the same time. a name of Celtic origin meaning rabid dog-Calieb
by truthseeker12 November 22, 2012
Wicca is a convenient religion created by people who want to feel like they're powerful (through spells) but also don't want to have to be pinned down to any particular belief.

There's no set definition of Wicca, so people are free to make up their own religion as they see fit. It's the ultimate "religion" of convenience, if you can even call it a religion.

If you do a little research, you'll find that most of what is "Wiccan" is made up out of thin air by individuals and groups. It's some kind of strange group delusion. Couple that with the fact that the supposed "spells" don't work, you can see how delusional it really is.

Next time you see a Wiccan, tell them to prove they can cast spells. Prepare to be disappointed.
No religion let's me just make up stuff, except for Wicca.
by Truthseeker12 August 27, 2009

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