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The Turk who is author of over 300 books, translated to over 60 languages. His best known book is "the atlas of creation," which I've read online at harunyahya.com . It has very strong arguments and it clearly collapses the theory of evolution scientifically, ideologically and logically. I really recommend it. Now I'm gonna read the 2nd and 3th volume, also free and online. The author works with a group of about 30 researchers, known as Science Research Foundation.

He wants to have a debate with the English atheist, naturalist Dawkins, but Dawkins rejects it. As someone who has read 1 of his 300 books, I really understand his fear.
Harun Yahya : The chance 1 single protein arises with coincidences, is 10^-950. But 1 protein is still not enough, you need millions. But if you have millions, it still means nothing. Then it's just some protein powder. All the knowledge of all biologists today, is still not enough to synthesize one living cel. So what's your explanation on the origin of life?
Dawkins: the wonder of mother nature

HY: Natural selection can't create new properties or organs. It can only select what already exists. The only heritable changes are caused by mutations. So can you give me an example of a beneficial mutation?
RD: http://www.harunyahya.tv/videoDetail/Lang/4/Product/9290/RICHARD_DAWKINS_CANNOT_GIVE_AN_EXAMPLE_OF_BENEFICIAL_MUTATION

HY: The fossils refute evolution. When we look at the fossil record, we see that species appear suddenly and don't change for millions of years and then eventually die out. There are 0 transitional forms. (Beasts with incomplete organs, which show the gradually change of one specie to another. For example a fish whose fins started to become feet and it's not yet complete and useful should be a transitional form.) Can you show me 1 transitional form?
RD: No.

HY: So aren't you ashamed for spreading nonsense with your demagogic books?
by truthseecker April 12, 2009

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