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She's as unique as her name and not afraid to stand out. Rachaels are a friend to all...no one is ever left out. Smart and intelligent...academics are important because she knows they will help her reach her dreams. Beautiful on the inside and out! Tough as steal on on the outside...but her heart does get broken (she just only shows that to those closest to her). Always has a smile for everyone...and is a great encourager! Loves to laugh and be silly...loves her friends so much...loves God even more. Family means everything! Rachaels will try anything..are great with athletics, in art & music...amazing! Rachaels take the bad in their life to make them stronger and have a confidence that each day will be better than the next. If you know a Rachael your life is blessed. If Rachael calls you friend...you have a true treasure!
"I am so proud to call Rachael my friend!"
"Rachael, you are just as uniquely amazing as your name!"
"She cracks me up...I love being around Rachael!"
by truthis February 18, 2012

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