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The Boizenz are an elite group of 6 males spoken of in LAD lore; apparently just thinking their name will lead to an intense orgasm occurring to your mother. These individuals are said to each be graced with a penis that would make even the sternest lesbian fall to her knees and provide women with orgasms not dissimilar visually, to an epileptic fit. Legend tells that the quality of their banter brings tears to the eyes of those who hear it whilst their talent on fifa is capable of giving any male an awkward semi. Little is known about these sexually alluring men but the only thing we can tell for certain is that a group of lonely and sexually frustrated girls who go by the name Hunz stalk them with the hope of each enjoying true ecstasy on top of a Boizenz pleasure tower.
Doctor: I'm afraid you may never walk again
Lingerie Model: but I can't do my Job in a wheelchair?
Doctor: well I'm afraid you shouldn't have had sex with a Boizenz then
by truthful Hun January 17, 2013

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