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A wonderful, beautiful, and caring young woman. An amazingly unique person to have around. Fun, wise, funny, cute, witty, easy to get along with, envied by many bitches, wanted by many guys, and hated without even trying. A motherly/big sister figure. Cares a lot and loves hard. Very outgoing, yet very shy at the same time. Sporty, yet sexy as fuck. Mature for her age. Always there for anyone. Great at giving advice and helping others. Gives with no expectations of getting back. Multi-talented and never gives up. Very competitive, yet shows great sportsmanship. A leader without trying. A beautifully humble piece of art both inside and out. Definitely one of a kind.
I wish I had my Jomarie back.

We need more Jomarie's in this cold, fucked up world.

What would I do without my Jomarie?
by TRUTHbeTOLD March 13, 2012
New Hartford, CT is a wee settlement that is somewhere in the northwest corner of Connecticut between the towns of Winsted and Torrington. The downtown area consists of three of four dilapidated buildings/adobes, a Dunkin Doughnuts and a fake Italian pizza restaurant. It is nestled alongside of the Farmington River and is projected to collapse into the river - thus falling off the face of the earth.
New Hartfordians generally consists of rebel raggies/raggy that have tried to escape Torrington and Winsted in search of improved lives - but strangely spend the rest of their lives trying to find there way back into these communities through the pursuit, and abuse, of drugs.
New Hartford’s main imports are crystal meth, heroin, crack/cocaine and pot. Its main exports consist of lost teenagers who are struggling with their identity and cannot figure out weather they are black or white, tricks or hoes, junkies or flunkies. New Hartford youth directly contribute to the poverty rate and the increasing incarceration population of America. Thankfully their educational system practices genocide - I mean should.
Nightlife consists of ONE bar and it is GAY. It serves as a herding enclave for the scum of America and ugly chicks.

a) yo, lets get wet at chatterlys tonight in new hartford, ct? everyone is home for the holidays...
b) lets burn down chatterly's tonight?
by truthbetold November 09, 2007

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