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wet ass syndrome (WAS) is when your ass is soaked all day. can last several days. this can be just sweat, but it can also be associated and/or caused by orange grease, pepper, and leaky ass and is different for everyone. it could be a combination of any or all of the aforementioned.
Shit man, I won't be getting any sleeve tonight. My ass is soaked. I have wet ass syndrome.
by truth guru June 12, 2010
orange grease is what you get after eating crappy food and when you fart you get this wet orange grease that leaks from your ass. sometimes you can also have a pepper (see pepper) at the same time.
I ate a bunch of greasy food from the char-pit and now I have the orange grease.
by truth guru June 12, 2010
when your ass is all wet and it's not from sweat, that's a leaky ass. it's usually greasy. this can be associated with orange grease (see orange grease) and the pepper (see pepper), but not always.
Aw man I have a leaky ass, my cheeks are so greasy.
by truth guru June 12, 2010
When you get something that feels like it's stinging, burning, or itching your sphincter, that's a pepper. It could be from a leaky ass, a fart, or even after taking a poop. Sometimes orange grease (see orange grease) can be associated with this. It kind of feels like you have a pepper corn stuck in your sphincter.
Oh man I had spicy chili for lunch and now I have a pepper biting my ass.
by truth guru June 12, 2010
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