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--The words Goth and Gothic have had many, largely unrelated meanings: the name of the Germanic Visigoth tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. From this source arose the concept of a Goth as an uncivilized person, a barbarian. 4
--a style of architecture in Western Europe which was popular from the 12th to the 16th century.
--a style of horror/mystery literature that is dark, eerie and gloomy.

--Goth, as a modern movement, started as one component of the punk rock scene. As the latter faded, Goth survived by creating its own subculture.
--The first use of the term Goth in its present meaning was on a British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) TV program. Anthony H. Wilson, manager of Joy Division described the band as Gothic compared with the pop mainstream. The name stuck.
--Their use of black clothing was originally "something of a backlash to the colorful disco music of the seventies." 5 It also stuck.
--The movement first became established in the Batcave, a nightclub in London, England, in the early 1980's. 3
--Spreading to the U.S., it first became popular in California.
--Goth is featured in The Crow horror movies (1994, 1996). Other Gothic movies are the original Nosferatu, the color remake Nosferatu the Vampyre, and the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.
--Popular music bands are the Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, and many others.

People have accused or described Goths as being:

Unusually bigoted,
Involved in illegal drugs,
Vampires or believe themselves to be vampires,
Musicians, painters, and other artists,
Computer programmers (although there seem to be a lot of them)
Wearers of black (some wear white and gunmetal),
Dyers of their hair,
Users of white makeup. 4
I like the clothing of the visigoths, and the osogoths, in the 13th century, but not when they changed in the 15th.
by trustXfriends August 18, 2005

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