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Trumpet is the coolest instrument in the world. It is usually played by people with big egos but that only provesd they know their instrument is great....
"the trumpet is the best"
"Trumpets rule"
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
A moment in ones life, where all reasoning and understanding of how stupid clowns are go "out the window" and one resorts to clownlike behavior to get their point accross...(see clowns)
The boy flopping on the floor and talking disrespectfully to his mothee was haveing a bozo moment
by trumpetcatz September 09, 2003
a book of notecards used by marching bands when learning their feild show drill. also known as drill book.
ok everbody check your setbooks
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
snoody..and of popular statous in a middle/high school. Member of a clique thatr thinks its better than the rest
the popendicular kids were laughing at the girl wearing the walmart jeans
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
third degree burn with blisters
the doctor said to the patiant"what you have here on your arm from the vehicle fire is a case of scoobyscirocis
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
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