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Valley Stream is a diverse and middle class town along the Nassau+Queens border in Long Island. ALL of the school districts that serve VS have excellent performance and most students perform great. The Green Acres Mall is here which used to be very ghetto and rough in the past but has made many improvements in recent years and is now pretty cool and very safe. A lot of the houses are kinda small which sucks. It gets a worse rep than it deserves since it's not no inbred town where everyone looks alike like most other long island towns.

Valley Stream and South Valley Stream are very very diverse with a large White, Black, Hispanic and Asian population. So.Valley Stream is whiter than Valley Stream but still diverse. This area is mainly middle class.

North Valley Stream is divided in two by the Southern State Parkway. North of the parkway is very Black while south of the parkway is still mostly Black but a lot more diverse, both parts are middle class to upper middle class

Growing up in VS is cool. Always partied in the city but didnt' have to live there which was off the hook. My circle of friends consisted of people of all races which kept things interested and stopped me from growing up sheltered and stupid like many others in other parts of Long Island.
Sheltered Girl: Oh my gawd, i like saw a insert other race here, this place is the ghetto!

Valley Stream dude: Rolls eyes and then drives girl into Brownsville to see a real ghetto!
by truiyrtwutithwgsk October 16, 2011

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