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a fatal attraction to another so strong that when your apart you sink into a deep depression. something that cant be explained but felt deep down in the souls of the 2 persons. no matter what age or race they would rather die then be without there other.
i am only 16 years old and i have found the love of my life. i spend every second of every day thinking about him and i dont need someone to tell me that he is doing the same. we are utterly and totally in love with each other. he is my true love and some people look at us and say we are obsessed with each other because all we do is talk about each other. i would rather give my life then have him be unhappy. when we kiss its like fireworks every time over. i love you babe and always will. i know we're going to get married and move to vermont someday. im just so lucky to have found you... i guess this makes you and me high school sweet hearts :)
by trueluver January 18, 2011
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