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Chris benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. He was a quiet guy, yet had great mic. skills. He competed in a triple threat match with triple h and shawn michaels at wrestlemania 20, where he finally won the championship belt. It is considered one of the best wrestlemanias WWE has ever had. I will always remember him for his talent, determination and skill. Chris benoit, his wife nancy and son daniel were found dead on june 25, 2007. It was officially ruled a double murder-suicide. When I remember chris, I choose to remember him as a good guy and a great entertainer. I will never understand why things went down this way and why he chose this but I will also never be able to hate him, based on the amount of brain damage he had.
Chris benoit lives on in my memories. Whenever I watch his tributes, it makes me cry:

I miss seeing him compete. May chris benoit, daniel benoit and nancy benoit R.I.P

#great #death #grief #champion #wwe
by truefan February 22, 2009
ASMDSS - Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said is The most awesome page on Facebook you'll ever come across with the biggest and baddest Drill Sergeants you'll ever meet. If you fuck with them, they will fuck with you even harder. They have their fans stand behind them no matter what, always ready for fuck fuck games. They never sleep, they always drink, and you'll never catch them when they aren't helping a soldier in need. They donate to charities and always help out wounded veterans.
You- "Hey, these ASMDSS guys are fakes."
Them- *Posts pictures of what they do everyday* "Let the fuck fuck games begin."
#asmdss #awesome shit #drill sergeants #awesome shit my drill sergeant #awesome drill sergeant
by TrueFan November 28, 2012
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