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1. someone who believes that the country in which they happened to be born entitles them to the destruction of other peoples and nations.
2. someone who finds paying taxes in order to overthrow existing foreign governments, replace them with their own nation's corporate lobbyists, and then later destroy them when deemed to be out of compliance with the economic interests of their own country to be a worthwhile expenditure.
The Ameriacn patriots empowered Hussein with millions of tax dollars and weapons in order to fight Iran, then starved 50,000 Iraqi children a year from 1992-1997 by blockading and destroying supply shipment routes to civilian areas before realizing that yet another war was necessary if their country was ever going to establish true economic control of a region vital to nurturing American overconsumption.
by trueamerican September 08, 2003
A great president who won fair and square. Liberals often say they are moving to "Canada" because of this like it's some kind of threat. I say, better them there than here. They can freeze their asses off while we can spend time in warm Florida and thank the people for voting him in the first term.
I moved to Canada because of George W. Bush. Now I can legally get high and lay around in my own filth.
by trueamerican January 21, 2005
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