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A Japanese automobile manufacturer whose ultimate goal is to destroy every last trace of the American automotive industry through paying off news media and shady, under-the-table business practice. However, their arrogance is going to their heads (a la GM and Ford circa 1975) and now quality is starting to slip and Toyota's design is getting uglier by the day. Lexus IS300s in China are being recalled because of the possibility of an engine explosion. But like the good sheep we Americans are, we continue to buy Toyota Camrys in droves because we read Consumer Reports and believe their (biased) opinion.
We're Toyota...we complain when the value of the Yen gets too low because then the domestics actually get a fair chance to compete with us.

Toyota claims to be a lean, green hybrid machine...but the fact is that they're SUVs and trucks get worse gas mileage than American SUVs and trucks. And Toyota has just announced a 9th SUV to the lineup. See hypocrites.
by trucru82 January 26, 2005
A Japanese car company 33% owned by DaimlerChrysler, but now swimming in debt because of poor decisions made by Mitsubishi. Ugly, poor quality cars that were targeted toward boy racers but now sit on rental lots or sell with huge rebates. In 2004, Mitsubishi lost $4.3 billion dollars, and the future outlook isn't very bright. They were recently accused of a scandal of hiding quality defects, in turn destroying the company's already poor image and killing the resale value of the cars. They currently rank near the bottom for long-term quality in the JD Powers survey. The company will more than likely be out of the US market by the end of the decade.
Better stick to TV's next time, guys.
by trucru82 January 26, 2005
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